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Made In Italy, Handcrafted Table Tennis Blades

Animus blades are a result of partnership between Table Tennis players and experienced craftsmen. Handcrafting blades by selecting and assembling woods and materials gives each blade its own soul.


From Germany

Sauer & Troger specialize in pimple rubbers which are designed for players who are looking for optimal control and rotation. Classic defender? Cut the top spin and control the ball? Pimples are for you.


Handmade, Personalized natural leather premium Table Tennis Cases coloured with natural Vegetable Dyes. For the absolute Table Tennis connoisseur, these cases are build to last and add to the experience that is the Animus TT Bat.


From Germany

Spinlord is a German brand with a diverse and innovative range of Table Tennis Rubbers. Inverted, Aanti-Spin, Long and Short Pips, they have it all.

Blades and Rubbers with Ultimate Speed, Control, Spin and Feel


To my surprise and respite, Animus is truly a great experience. Playing since 28 years competitively, it just came out of nowhere and now occupies a very important part of my TT domain. Currently playing with Vulcanus Txt, the feeling and experience is unique.  The forehand brushing for lifting the ball is amazing with Andro R53 which I am using currently while on the backhand is Stiga Radical (short pimp rubber) for purely jabbing and flicks.

Hiral Mehta

Excellent blade superb perform and control for my game I feel that now my game is more improve with that blade. Thanks to Animus blade

Sachin Raval


3rdball.in Sports is one of the trusted dealers for Table Tennis equipment in India. Animus is one of the finest brands of TT Blades. They provide genuine quality of blades at reasonable price. I confidently recommend Animus Blades in my academy.

Pulkit Arora

Positive TT Academy, Chandigarh

Animus is the most amazing handmade Italian blade I have ever seen, with its various versions of classic strokes, it would add extra edge for the Table Tennis players. 3rdball.in Sports is the place where we get this product. I say TT players would feel the worth to have such a blade once they play with it.

Amish Patel

Coach, Eklavya TT Academy, Ahmedabad, GJ

It is an excellent blade with good control, punch & gives a good feeling while playing. It has a very good grip.

Hira Goswami

Animus blade is very nice blade with soft grip and has very high spin. I would love to refer 3rdball.in Sports who gave me this blade to anyone. It is very useful for players and I would suggest all youngsters and high rank players to use these blades. It’s very effective and useful. Thanks to 3rdball.in Sports who gave me this blade.

Sameer Sahni

Punjabi Bagh TT Academy, New Delhi

3rdball.in Sports is the place I get the Animus blades from. These are the blades which a player can get customised for themselves. Even combination bat players have an option from Animus hand crafted blades according to requirements. My daughter has been playing with a combi blade from Animus and is getting desired results. The quality and craftsmanship is spot on. These are the blades which a pro desires for, looking forward to more beautiful blades from the Italian brand Animus in the future

Sujeet Kalsekar

Sun TT Academy, Nashik, MH

Animus blade completely changed my game. I was a defensive player before I used Animus blade from 3rdball.in but after I started using it, it helped me a lot with my attacking skills. I got this ply from 3rdball.in Sports and I got it at a very decent price and its worth its cost.

Kavish Parikh

Ahmedabad Racquet Academy, Ahmedabad, GJ

I was in search of a good blade and compatible rubbers to suit my attacking & blocking game from both the sides. 3rdball.in Sports explained to me the basics of blades and then the blade-rubber combo. They recommended Animus Handmade Sixty blade with Koki Niwa fame Victas rubbers on both sides. It is a handmade marvel and it helped me qualify to the main rounds in Shenzhen, China. Victas is a very balanced rubber with grand speed, spin and control. I would certainly recommend 3rdball.in Sports for Animus products.

Dr. Ashutosh Kelkar

Bhusawal, MH

While there are numerous options of blades in the market, I came across Animus, which was a class apart and was also providing customized options for some finely designed blades. Mr Diwakar from 3rdball.in, was kind enough to give me a great deal of options to chose from, based on my style of play and the rubbers I prefer on my blades.

Ravindra Hemmad

Fair Play TT Academy, Bangalore

Excellent package with great racket assembly. Thank you 3rdball.in for providing me such a wonderful and amazing professional service. Keep it up.

Ms Neha Patel

Rajpath Club, Ahmedabad, GJ National 40+ Women’s’ Doubles Gold Medallist