Angry player, injured Gergely. Fibres were split on impact. Carefully rebuilt it and finally it became champion worthy again

The handle of this new Animus Diana Rosewood was completely smashed by courier handling. Rebuilt it bit by bit by first creating the frame of the handle and then making it strong enough to take the weight of the top and bottom pieces. Finally its like new, ready for someone to begin knocking with it.

Very old, but well used Butterfly Joyner. This blade had a lot of corrosion due to the glue used on the surface. The challenge was to clean it up without thinning the top layer. Needed a lot of patience and working by hand. Finally came out strong and beautiful.

Another blade with glue damages. Needed to clean it up without damaging the top wood layer.

Amultart with a really scarred edge with a lot of corrosion. Obviously the effects of old or non compatible glue used. Cleaning and edge filling did the trick. Perfectly balanced now.

Proud But battered Gergely. Obviously a heirloom. Restired the beauty back after cleaning and working on the edges.

Cosmetic job with hands tor remove the badly stuck glue. Cleaned, and the edges smoothened.

Frustration taken out on the Timo Boll. The handle snapped into two. We built support internally and made the bat beautiful again.